Laveen Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics is your hometown dental office offering dentistry for the entire family. Our dedicated staff works to make you feel comfortable during your appointments. We have treatments to repair broken teeth or decay using same-day dental crowns and modern materials in dental fillings. Get your smile feeling great with dental cleaning appointments with our dental hygienist. Laveen Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics has staff specialists, including an oral surgeon, periodontist, and endodontist. An often-requested oral surgery service is wisdom teeth removal. Patients may want to know how to replace missing teeth. Periodontics services include dental implants and gum disease treatment. Whether you're in pain from an abscessed tooth or have otherwise been diagnosed for a root canal, we have you covered with our endodontics program led by our root canal specialist. Learn more and schedule your next dental appointments at Laveen Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics!